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The Healing Hearts Counseling Center provides innovative client-centered counseling treatment for individuals who are in need of a safe place to heal. Our Mental Health professionals have extensive experience and have received hands on training  treating a   diverse spectrum of issues including complex trauma, sex addiction & intimacy issues, love addiction, depression & other mood disorders , anxiety, grief and loss  It is our aim to assist you in breaking free from past hurts, unhealthy relationships, and destructive habits.  If you are ready to confront your past, release your fears, and rebuild for the future please give us a call at (901) 343- 0346


Healing Hearts was founded as the answer to a need for professional services to underrepresented communities in Memphis, TN.  Born out of a conversation about the needs of the communities in Memphis, Andrea, Dawn, and Quinn began the plans to take the holistic approach to therapy and partner with community agencies and bring awareness to areas often ignored in our communities. 

It is our mission to educate about forming and maintaining healthy relationships, breaking unhealthy family cycles, overcoming shame, and healing from trauma.  It is our hope to bring a level of care that will promote healing and help propel clients into living the fulfilled life they always wanted, but thought was too hard to obtain. The days and nights of dreaming of a better you  can soon come to an end,  because  we are here to help turn those dreams into your reality.


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Who are we?​ 

Do you find yourself stuck in a place of dissatisfaction with the direction of your life? If so our experientially based programs are designed to support each person we treat despite their history or starting point. We help our patients identify and break free from any counterproductive cycles in hopes of experiencing a life where they not only survive, but thrive. Our integrative approach coupled with varied staff specialties ensure each client will benefit from treatment.



The Healing Hearts Center offers Individual Therapy, Couples Therapy, Group Therapy, Events & Workshops, and Training Opportunities for Professionals addressing the following:

  • Boundaries
  • Shame reduction
  • Co-dependency 
  • Love Addition
  • Sex addiction
  • Relationship issues
  • Trauma
  • Anxiety

 Treatment Specialties

  • Sex & Love Addiction
  • Partners of Sex Addicts
  • Couples & Relationships
  • Parenting Through Sex Addictions
  • Sex Therapy
  • Non- Traditional Relationships
  • Adult Industry Workers
  • Sexual Trauma
  • Love Trauma
  • Trauma
  • Anxiety & Depression